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Accurately Predict your Business' Future with Supply Chain AI

Introducing Supply Chain Manager

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Predictive Maintenance

Smart Warehouse

Digital Supply Chain


Machine Learning

Supply Chain Visibility

Digital Twin

Cloud Computing

Computer Vision

Supply Chain Analytics

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Combining amazing technology with well-trained people, better processes, and best practices leads to supply chain excellence. 


Our customers include the Department of Navy and the US Air Force. We help the Department of Defense anticipate and avoid problems by offering advanced cradle-to-grave life cycle management digital platforms that combine Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Digital Twin, Cloud Computing, and other advanced technologies.


"We use Murano Corporation's Supply Chain Manager for inventory management, purchase order generation, pack slip generation, and lot tracing. It has been a huge help in improving lot tracking/trace-ability of incoming ingredients and inventory management. If there is a recall, we would have the ability to track batches and notify the customers who received products effected by the recall. This is a huge advancement from the spreadsheet and log book systems we used before."

- Plant Manager, Pet Food Manufacturer, Maryland

“Murano Corporation’s Supply Chain AI helped me improve Inventory Turns, eliminate spreadsheets, save time, reduce errors, and automate most of my daily tasks. Overall efficiency is through the roof and human error is at a minimum.”

- Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Honda Supplier


Supply Chain Visibility

What if there is no Supply Chain Visibility?

When there is no supply chain visibility, a company lacks supply chain management.

Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility provides early warning about irregular demand patterns.

Bi-Modal Inventory Distribution

Relying on historical sales forecasts can lead to stock-outs and excess inventory.

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