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The AI and Digital Twin Company

Mobile. Secure. One-stop shop.

Lightweight and compact.

Ergonomic and rugged, BEACON OMEGA features a powerful 5" sunlight readable display. The 3D/2D camera and environmental sensors allow for easy and accurate data collection at the source.  


Full HD Graphics

30 Frames per second

Stereo depth, LiDAR (Light detection and ranging), Computer vision

Smarter every day.

BEACON OMEGA runs via Google's Coral AI processor. With this onboard, OMEGA supports Computer Vision use cases, human activity detection, facial recognition, AI for predictive maintenance, and more.

Through real-time health monitoring of equipment, the built-in AI provides a behavioral Digital Twin of critical assets and processes. The more reliable the data collection, the more powerful the insights.

Connecting Dots

Predictive intelligence, on the edge.

Beacon devices are designed to fully operate with or without internet / Wi-Fi connection. If using Omega without internet / 5G / 4G / cloud access, the devices will continue to be fully functional and will upload to the cloud once connected. 

With increased security as a priority, Beacon devices are fully designed, developed, and assembled in North Carolina, USA by a Department of Defense approved provider. 

5G / LTE Support

+ Wi-Fi enabled

128GB Storage

+ 4GB Memory

OMEGA-02-23-23 NEW UI__edited.png

Intuitive UI. 

BEACON OMEGA offers connectivity to legacy systems while providing a single user interface. Fewer paper processes, reduced human error.

The UI was built with the end users in mind at every step. Each individual screen is designed for walk-up learnability, to minimize the need for training. 

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