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Murano Corporation began as an Enterprise Software company serving clients, such as Honda suppliers, to improve demand planning and manage their inventory.


After several years in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space, Murano Corporation realized that human-entered data is unreliable and aimed to develop a method for autonomous data collection with a hardware & software solution.


In 2020, Murano was awarded a Phase I Naval Sea Systems Command Small Business Innovation Research project to design a handheld device with AI capabilities, called BEACON. We are currently executing the Phase II option and offer our advanced digital twin technology to key players in various sectors.


Redefining maintenance velocity

Our products and services help to increase efficiency and contribute to sustainability while preventing accidents. Our Digital Twin technology and devices for asset tracking provide health monitoring insights and help streamline critical processes.

While we have obtained extensive experience in the US military sector, we are expanding our client portfolio and offering our services to commercial clients.

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We are a small business and operate highly efficiently. Our team consists of highly specialized engineers and design, program, and marketing specialists.

Further strengthening our team, Murano Corporation is working with a highly industry-specialized Advisory Board from various industries (including the US Military).  

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68 TW Alexander Dr., Suite 207

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

(919) 314-2897

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