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Are Manufacturers Ready for Supply Chain AI?
Scott Luton hosted us on Supply Chain Now Radio to discuss Manufacturers' readiness for Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence. Download this PDF to learn more about Intelligent Augmentation, Demand Planning with Supply Chain AI, and Integrated Business Planning. 
Demand Planning without Spreadsheets
Learn about a world without Spreadsheets and why knowing about Bi-Modal Inventory helps with Demand Planning and Inventory cost savings.
Education and Training Requirements for a Successful Supply Chain Manager
Replay Cloud Computing Webinar Conducted on March 18, 2016: Aspirin for Supply Chain Headaches
Businesses lose billions every year due to inefficient supply chains. Common supply chain challenges faced by businesses include orXder processing, fulfillment, and invoicing errors leading to unhappy customers and lost sales, manual and duplicate processes, and poor employee morale eventually resulting in high turnover. Cloud Computing is the perfect medicine to get rid of these supply chain headaches.
Cloud Computing breaks down organizational silos and help businesses collaborate better with their customers by establishing a common decision-making and information capturing framework. With Cloud Computing, businesses can shop, check product availability, compare competing offerings, request pricing either directly on their suppliers' order management systems or on their own internal purchasing systems and electronically integrate with suppliers' order management systems. Improved supply chain visibility and inventory turns means better operational efficiency. Cloud Computing is here and moving to the cloud offers significant financial benefits.

This content has had great reviews:

"Interesting topic ... Great Job!" - Supply Chain Professional, APICS Member

"Great examples and Clear" - Supply Chain Professional, APICS Member

"Great presentation! Speaker is engaging and asks lots of questions to keep audience engaged." - Supply Chain Professional, APICS Member

Replay Webinar: Recession Proofing your Business with Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Rumor has it that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan once told his son that recession is an event that happens every 7 years. Assuming he is right, the next one must be around the corner. So, here is the multi-million dollar question for all of you supply chain and finance professionals:
  • Will you be sitting on a mountain of unsold inventory in a few months?
  • Do you have an effective Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process in your company?
In good times or bad, S&OP is your friend. S&OP when implemented properly combined with the ability to separate macro and micro economic signals from noise can save and potentially protect your business from economic cycles. Learn more about S&OP, methodology, implementation best practices, and case study.


Replay Webinar: Improve Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting in the Cloud 

Inventory Inaccuracy is a fairly common challenge faced by almost all organizations dealing with inventory and it has a significant financial impact on organizations. For public companies, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation dictates financial statement accuracy and inaccurate inventory means inaccurate financial statements. Here are some examples of companies rocked by inventory inaccuracies:

  1. Salix Shares Plummet on Disclosure of Accounting Scandal

  2. Comptronix Corporation disclosed that inventory manipulations played a significant role in the scandal at the once-highflying Alabama electronics company


In this webinar, learn how :

  1. Cloud technology can improve inventory and financial statement accuracy and avoid catastrophic consequences.

  2. Inventory accuracy is measured and benchmarked internally and externally.

  3. Murano Corporation's clients are using Supply Chain Manager to improve their inventory accuracy.

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