Can a Larger Pool of Prospective Teachers Lead to Higher Student Test Scores?


American schools are falling behind in every subject on a global scale, school districts everywhere are in the red, and our education system is in trouble. What kind of a future can we expect for this nation of ours if our kids can't get a decent education? The consensus is that a number of things contribute to the current situation in our education system. Highly qualified teachers are the important factor in the improvement of our education system. Given that students' test scores are a good measure of academic excellence, and that there is a strong correlation between qualified teachers and student test scores, what can a school district do to attract a better, more qualified pool of candidates?

Why is it so difficult to find and to apply for Teacher Jobs?


Today, hiring decisions for teachers are driven by the individual school districts, as they should because they know their requirements best and can tailor their hiring to their local needs. One of the unintended consequences of this has been a proliferation of recruitment approaches at the various school districts across this country. There is no standard approach for teacher recruitment. For example, many school districts may have their Job Recruitment website, attend job fairs, and additionally post Teacher jobs on other paid recruitment websites. There are two issues with this approach:

  1. Fragmentation – prospective teachers have to use multiple websites to search and apply for jobs potentially turning away a few qualified ones.

  2. Higher Costs – Not only will school districts have to spend precious resources to support their internal job recruitment website but also pay external recruitment websites for their job openings.


Can a single Job Portal for all the School Districts in a State be a solution?


To attract more qualified candidates, school districts need to make it easy for these candidates to search and apply for jobs. A State Job Portal for Teachers can lead to more hits, larger pool of prospective candidates, reduced frustration for the applicants and very importantly reduced costs. A single job portal can also level the playing field for smaller school districts that can't afford to pay for duplicate recruitment websites in order to compete with larger more affluent districts.

So, if you are a Superintendent of a School District, here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Will a state job portal for teachers give your school district better access to a larger pool of teacher candidates? YES!

  2. Do you think we can make it easier for qualified candidates to apply for your open positions with a state job portal? YES!

  3. Do you think a state Job Portal can reduce the cost of hiring teachers and shield your limited budget for other uses? YES!


Murano Corporation's State Job Portal for Teachers


We at Murano Corporation would like to offer you our expertise in addressing this matter with our State Job Portal solution as a standard recruitment vehicle to hire the best teachers for your school district. This Job Portal will be the single website for all the prospective teachers to search and apply for jobs. Optionally, this Job Portal can be integrated with your existing Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or the school district can implement Supply Chain Manager's Human Resources Management System (HRMS). We offer you flexibility. If you choose to implement the entire HRMS function in Supply Chain Manager (Enterprise Resource Planning) , you will be able using one of the most modern HRMS in the marketplace. And, we are not forgetting that all of this is to help your school district hire highly qualified teachers easily and at a lower recruitment cost. Your school district will hire better teachers, increase test scores and other academic barometers, and improve the quality of education that you deliver. The future is here now. Act now by contacting us at


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