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Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions


General Ledger Integration

Detailed Reports


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Strategic Sourcing

Identify future procurement initiatives and projects. 

Sourcing Projects

Create/Maintain/Shortlist Vendors for Direct and Indirect Procurement. 

Shortlist Vendors

Create/Maintain/Communicate Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) internally and externally. 


Track and Rank Vendor Performance to minimize supply chain disruptions and risks. 

Vendor Selection and Performance Scorecard

Contract Management

Manage vendor contracts and catalogs electronically. 

Manage Contracts and Catalogs

Onboarding selected vendors. 

Vendor Onboarding

Vendor Portal with internal and external access allowing for information maintenance by vendors themselves.

Vendor Portal

Geotag vendors by maintaining accurate Latitude/Longitude data.

Vendor Geotagging

Strengthen supply chains by diversifying supply base. 

Vendor Diversity

Support corporate or departmental sustainability goals. 



Search supplier catalogs electronically including access to price, product availability. 

Search Catalogs
Search Catalogs

Online shopping including shopping carts. 

Shopping Carts

Procurement requiring management approval can be routed to superiors based on threshold approvals. 

Purchase Requisition

Integrated workflow and approval for things such as Purchase Requisition.

Requisition Workflow and Approval

Create/Maintain/Communicate purchase orders with vendors electronically. 

Purchase Order

Pending Deliveries communicated/updated by vendors. 

Advance Ship Notice

Post shipment schedule so all suppliers can view.

Shipment Schedule
Shipment Schedule

Create invoice and receive 3-way match result. Also, communicate to customers about invoices through real-time messaging.

Vendor Invoice & Payment Information

Track internal material movements for accurate material tracking.

Inventory Transfer



Maintain vendor invoices. Optional: create vendor invoices automatically with EDI 810.

Vendor Invoice

Accept vendor invoices electronically using EDI 810.


Minimize vendor invoice error. 

2-way/3-way Match

Stay on top of stock availability so orders can be placed on time and you can avoid disruptions to your Supply Chain.

Stock Availability & Material 

Spend Analysis

Strengthen supply chain by diversifying supply base, sustainability, credit ratings, past due, scorecards etc.

Supply Chain Performance Manager

Track company procurement spend by vendor, material, geography, industry, Department, and Commodity Code.

Spend Analysis

View real-time, accurate 3-Way Match Failure Amounts by Vendor and Material.    

Accounts Payable

Don't get caught without enough material — view your Days of Supply in a standardized report with easy-to-read graphs and tables and track your vendor.  

Days of Supply

Create or track requests from customers.

Requests for Quote, Information or Proposal

Predict your material demand and target production with an easy to use . Compare actual production volume with target production, as well.

Demand Planner



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