The New Normal


With shrinking budgets and lower tax base, state and federal agencies are under increased pressure to do more with less. The agencies are under pressure to cut spending, avoid duplication across agencies and achieve economies of scale. The old way of solving problems is no longer relevant today. Organizational silos and duplication of processes, technology and resources are hurdles to progress. What is the path forward in this New Normal?


Supply Chain Manager: Revolutionary Cloud Software for Enterprises


Murano Corporation introduces Supply Chain Manager, a revolutionary cloud software for enterprises. Our cloud based Supply Chain Manager is built on the most modern technology and can catapult your enterprise from your existing legacy ERP solution(s) to a more modern platform. Supply Chain Manager includes solutions for a number of industries including Public Sector. Supply Chain Manager's Public Sector Offering includes Procure-To-Pay, Recruit-To-Hire, Funds Management, Time and Attendance, and Facilities Management.

Cloud Computing aka "Cloud"


It is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process information, rather than on a local server. There are many benefits to moving to the Cloud including financial and organizational. Additionally, Cloud allows your organization to focus on your key mission whatever that may be and NOT get distracted by the complexities of technology. Simplify your operations. Eliminate clutter.

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