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Complete Recruit-to-Hire Process

Job Opening

Applicant Tracking

Skills & Scorecard

Organizations use a combination of spreadsheets and multiple systems to handle their typical Recruit-To-Hire process. This lack of integration leads to duplicate data entry, lack of good analytics, inaccuracies, and data latency issues. Supply Chain Manager offers a complete and integrated Recruit-To-Hire solution for organizations.  


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Job Opening Management System

Write your job description on our user-friendly interface, rather than an external site. This job opening can be shared on SCM to be approved. 

Create Job Requisitions

Don't anything slow down the job opening approval process. With SCM, you can track how far along your job is and communicate with departments giving approval. 

Track Management Approval

Forget about posting a job to individual job portals — that's time consuming! Release your job opening to multiple portals at one time with SCM.

Release Job Opening to Multiple Portals

Applicant Tracking System

A job search portal for both prospective and current employees to see job openings in your organization. 

Job Portal

Applicants fill out profile information in SCM. Internal HR team has access to applicant profiles and will not have to manually enter in information for theOnboarding process. 

Applicant Profile

Create and maintain job openings. Also, serves as an internal and external Job Portal for internal and external job applicants.

Job Opening

Skills Management System

Training plans can be written using data from new hires to make training most effective. 

Training Plan

Status updates and notes from trainings can help for workforce planning in the future. 


Workforce Planning

Scorecards are comprised of a series of Key Performance Indicators, giving you an overall view of employee performance as a whole. 


Rather than using a separate program for time entry or expense reports, include it in SCM. 

Time Entry

Past and current performance can be recorded. Milestones and accomplished goals can be recorded so an employees' achievement is not overlooked, it's celebrated! 

Performance Review



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