Supply Chain Manager Quality

Defect Data Integration.

Customers and suppliers are able to view the same data. No more back and forth emails.   

Pattern Tracking. 

Defect patterns are identified by frequency to help you better predict product defects. 

Real-Time Communication.

Immediate viewing, comment section and defect status updates.

Eliminate Wasted Inventory and Predict Future Disruptions by replacing Spreadsheets with Cloud Supply Chain Manager.

Lean Inventory

A truly lean inventory is achieved when the perfect amount of goods are purchased and used. Supply Chain Manager helps with Demand Planning for better inventory planning. 

Predictive Capabilities.

Achieving a lean inventory and accurately forecasting future sales is made possible with Supply Chain Manager's predictive analytics. 

Cycle Counting. 

Make cycle counting easier with our scanning feature, integrating all scanned data into an organization's entire Supply Chain Manager system.


The quality of your materials are important for any manufacturer. Manage production orders and Cycle Counting with Supply Chain Manager.