Case Study


A Maryland based Organic Dog Treat and Food Manufacturer grappling with unwieldy spreadsheets and log books was able to implement FDA required Track & Trace capability in addition to streamlining their Demand Planning by implementing Murano Corporation's cloud based Supply Chain Manager in 2 months.

Raw Material Ingredients are now ordered and received using Murano Corporation's Supply Chain Manager. Ingredients can be received and stored in any unit of measure and consumed in entirely different units of measure. Sales Orders are created in Supply Chain Manager and production order orders are created for manufacturing and raw material batch numbers are associated with manufactured dog treats. Employees are now able to track ingredient ins and outs with click of a report. Both Raw Material and Production Planning is easier due to the integrated nature of Cloud Supply Chain Manager. No longer do they have to use unwieldy spreadsheets that can be easily corrupted or accidentally deleted.

If there is an ingredient recall, this manufacturer can quickly identify all the customers that received batches with recall ingredients due to advanced Track & Trace capability of Supply Chain Manager. Another big plus has been that customers and suppliers are now able to track in real-time ingredient, finished products, and packaging inventory without having to contact the manufacturer via email or phone.

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