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Use Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help Manufacturers Predict Future Supply Chain Disruptions, Reduce Inventory Costs, Invoicing Errors, and Defects. 



Simplify. De-clutter. Focus. 



Murano Corporation, a privately held company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, offers advanced cloud, supply chain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and best practices to Manufacturers and Distributors. The company began when long-time Information Technology and Supply Chain Professionals realized businesses were paying far too much for older server-based supply chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software but not seeing all the promised benefits. The founders aimed to provide latest technologies to the marketplace at affordable prices

Murano Corporation uses Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help organizations predict future Supply Chain disruptions using its multi-tenant cloud Supply Chain Manager which combines operational (including ERP), supply chain, analytical, predictive, and Big Data in a single cloud platform to help reduce inventory costs, invoicing errors, and defects.


Murano Corporation was founded in 2009 by NC investors and supply chain visionaries. They discovered that companies were only using 20% of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and that more could be done to manage supply chains. Their solution? Supply chain AI.

Murano Corporation Founded 

A team of software engineers and supply chain professionals built Supply Chain Manager, a system that moves organizations past the ERP, CRM, and other legacy technologies and brings them to the Artificial Intelligence space. 

Supply Chain Manager Created

A Maryland-based Pet Food Manufacturer found themselves unable to track shipments when products were recalled and in need of demand forecasting to plan for inventory. SCM enabled them to implement Track & Trace capabilities and Demand Planning tools in months.

Maryland-based Organic Pet Food Manufacturer Goes Live with Supply Chain Manager 

This was a big achievement for Murano. Approval from Honda North America, Inc. has allowed for partnerships with Honda suppliers across the Southeast. 

Honda North America, Inc Approves Supply Chain 

This Honda Tier 1 Supplier was struggling with Wasted Inventory. In one month, SCM was able to save them $1 Million by reducing unneeded inventory. 

2017 Honda Tier 1 Supplier Goes Live with Supply Chain Manager 

As old processes and technology are replaced with our Artificial Intelligence capabilities, this Honda supplier has seen more accurate forecasting, simpler cycle counting processes, and better communication with suppliers. 

2018 Supply Chain AI Capabilities Implemented at Honda Supplier