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Cloud ERP System

Murano Corporation’s multi-tenant cloud Supply Chain Manager serves as a Digital Supply Chain providing upstream and downstream supply chain visibility. Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of Supply Chain Manager and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares Supply Chain Manager and shares a single physical database. But very importantly, each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants. Using Supply Chain Manager, every supplier and customer can have their own tenant with all their manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, and financial information on a highly secure cloud. And these cloud tenants can exchange data electronically. For example, orders and forecasts from a customer can be shared in real-time with its suppliers, and the customer can track supplier inventory in real-time, which reduces Bullwhip Effect. The extended supply chain visibility and integration from Cloud ERP systems reduces inventory carrying costs and variability between long-term and short-term forecasts.

Cloud ERP software also increases security measures for companies. Information sharing between tenants is by permission only, and this information is accessed through a secure online that can easily be disabled if there is a security risk.

By now, all of us know the many benefits of Cloud Computing. Supply chain systems that leverage cloud computing enable real time information flow between tenants. For Murano Corporation, one of the biggest benefits of Cloud Computing is its potential to keep all of our customers upgraded to the latest and greatest versions. Without Cloud infrastructure, many companies have many obsolete and outdated systems due to on premise implementations. By building and staying in the cloud, these companies could have access to the latest capabilities, features, and data. Plus, using the cloud transfers the risk from the company to the vendor. Our flagship platform has been operating in a secure cloud infrastructure since 2017, and we have extensive experience delivering advanced cloud solutions. 

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