Cloud economics

The cloud is more cost-effective, secure, and customer-friendly.


Supply Chain AI allows for accurate predictions in a Supply Chain. 

Integrated Business planning

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sales and operations planning

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Out of Control ERP Budgets


Information Technology (IT) budgets have grown steadily over the years. One of the biggest line items in your IT budget has been the monies spent on your ERP software. You pay the original cost of software to your ERP vendor every 5 years in annual maintenance fees which can easily amount to many millions of dollars.


You spend millions on:


  • A questionable upgrade every 3-4 years

  • Expensive consultants due to increasing software complexity


During this time, the economy goes thru its cycle and your revenues reflect the prevailing economic conditions, yet your ERP budget continues its upward trend and you are simply not able to reconcile the overall macroeconomic conditions with your ERP spend. What are your options?

Rein your IT Spend Using Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process information, rather than on a local server. There are many financial and strategic benefits in moving to the Cloud. It allows your organization to focus on its key mission without being distracted by the complexities of IT.


Simplify. De-clutter. Focus.


Let us help you handle your true priorities by delivering world-class Cloud Solutions.

Supply Chain Manager: Revolutionary Cloud ERP Software


Murano Corporation introduces Supply Chain Manager, a revolutionary cloud solution for enterprises. Supply Chain Manager is built on the most modern technology and can elevate your enterprise from its existing legacy ERP solution(s) to a more modern platform.


With Supply Chain Manager you no longer pay for:


  • Annual maintenance fees

  • Questionable upgrades

  • Expensive consultants

  • Order-To-Cash


Supply Chain Manager includes integrated solutions for a number of industries:


  • Manufacturing

  • Procure-To-Pay

  • Recruit-To-Hire

  • Funds Management

  • Time and Attendance

  • Facilities Management

  • Supply Chain Integration

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