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Automotive Suppliers


Supply Chain Manager Quality

Defect Data Integration.

Customers and suppliers are able to view the same data. No more back and forth emails.   

Pattern Tracking. 

Defect patterns are identified by frequency to help you better predict product defects. 

Real-Time Communication.

Immediate viewing, comment section and defect status updates.

Switch from Old to New Supply Chain Technology in Days, Save Money and Make Your Customers and Employees Happy.


Too much inventory gets expensive and too little jeopardizes production and customer relationships. We help you have just enough by using predictive technology. 

Product Quality. 

The quality of your materials are important for any manufacturer. Manage production orders and Cycle Counting with Supply Chain Manager.


Look ahead to predict expected demands and performance, helping you plan better for production and material availability.   

Easier Invoicing.

Create and send invoices with all the details necessary. Supply Chain Manager makes it simple and retains invoices for future reference. 

Honda Supplier Saves $1 million in 1 Month

Honda Case Study

A Honda Tier 1 Automotive Supplier based in South Carolina struggling with excessive raw material inventory, overworked employees, and highly manual processes was able to reduce inventory costs by $1 Million in less than a month after implementing Murano Corporation's cloud based and Honda approved Supply Chain Manager's predictive capabilities.


Murano Corporation's Supply Chain Manager receives Honda forecasts and orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With just a few clicks, the supplier can convert a Honda order to a manufacturing production order and an Advance Ship Notice. Minimal manual data entry requirements means reduced human errors, productivity gains, and happy employees. Employees now spend more time analyzing the data, improving business processes, eliminating waste, and identifying cost savings.


With the extra time and Supply Chain Manager's predictive capabilities, they can now better adjust their raw material purchasing to match the consumption reducing inventory costs, improving inventory turns and cash flow. They replaced multiple stove piped technologies (legacy Enterprise Resource Planning, EDI software, spreadsheets) with a single integrated and real-time multi-tenant cloud based Supply Chain Manager. Today, this supplier's complete Forecast/Order-To-Cash process is handled by multi-tenant cloud based Supply Chain Manager and the business and digital transformation took under 9 months from start to finish including formal Honda approval and certification. On Nov 3, 2017, the first trucks carrying finished products reached Honda plant in South Carolina built using Supply Chain Manager.

Learn more about the benefits of Cloud Supply Chain Manager for automotive suppliers by emailing for an exclusive and thought provoking white paper.

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